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i speak for all of us, our deepest condolences to the family. up next, john roberts sitting in for anderson cooper. >>> thanks, wolf. tonight, separating health reform fact from fear and a town hall meeting with a big difference. president obama. he attended one today in new hampshire and a guy outside packing heat, carrying a sign calling in so many words for death to tirades. the quotation of thomas jefferson. out in the open, a handgun. meantime, at the office of georgia congressman david scott who took on protesters the other day, someone painted a swastika out front. as you will see in a moment, anger at town halls across the country. that said, there were moments of clarity and we help to add some of our own tonight. first, president obama at por portsmouth high school in new hampshire in his own words. >> i don't think anyone should be in charge of your health care decisions but you and your doctor. i don't think government bureaucrats should be meddling but i also don't think insurance company bureaucrats should be meddling. that's the health care system i believe in
it's monday, the 10th of august. thanks for being with us, most news in the morning. >> i'm kiran chetry. we're following several stories we'll be breaking down in the next 15 years. a drug war, trade dispute and swine flu, all of that on president obama's agenda today. we're live in guadalajara, mexico where the president meets with the leaders of mexico and canada. >> back here at home, democrats are trying to break through the noise of the health care debate, it's growing louder by the dachlt anger and frustration not playing out of town hall meetings, what you our viewers have to say ahead. >> the latest on the dramatic midair collision between a small plane and a sightseeing helicopter over the hudson river. a deadly combination after the two crashed and plummeted into the water. now wreckage and more victims have been recovered. also what investigators are learning about a possible cause. cnn's susan candiotti is live on the scene. >>> we begin with president obama in mexico for a summit with the leaders of mexico and canada it's a short trip with a long agenda from drugs an
homes that are now 50% off their peaks or even more. >> reporter: the u.s. economy can't rebound without consumer spending and many economists say the consumer can't start spending until the housing market and employment stabilize. that's why retailers earnings reports are so closely watched. u.s. stocks opened higher this morning with better than expected results from some retailers especially discounters. >> value is still important and as a result you are seeing the value retailers gain shares clearly where the demands are. >> reporter: despite positive number it is recession's impact may be felt for some time. leanne gregg, nbc news. >>> the confidence level in the housing industry this month is the miest it has been in more than a year. >>> one lawmaker described him as a washington constitution. robert novak has died today after a long battle with brain cancer. his wife said he died early this morning at his home in washington. novak had been a columnist for the "chicago sun-times" for decades. he became a household name and face as commentator and co-host of cnn's "crossfire." he
get anything new, just let us know. in the meantime another developing story tonight. today, summer scorching. the temperature believe it or not is not a record breaker. >> the t 6-degree temperature combined with the humidity puts the average of 88 seem cool. gary is tracking the intense heat for us in the weather center. >> just to make this official i haven't gotten in all of the official high temperature readings for today. so far what i have seen for national has been 96 degrees. the record for national on this date is 98. we may get very close if not touch that. i don't think we will surpass that. today at 1:00, dulles was actually actually up to 101 degrees and that was the actual air urat so the record highs foryou can ee national. 96 dulles and 100 for bwi. the fo0 i 0bw1r will be good. a wrecord for dulles and bwybe neighbor and even i.close to that. they have been lower to mid-90s all day long. hd ac hktrue view we have 96 for national. lioocng off oofor dulles. winchester 92. hagerstown 93. the reason they e ncngclioo ofl there is thunderstorm activity to the west. some
, pushing for a bill without a single republican vote. >>> also, deadly violence against u.s. forces and election workers in afghanistan just hours before the polls open in this country's critical presidential vote. we are on the ground seeing first hand what election officials are up against. >>> and a big-city city mayor is speaking out about the brutal beating that sent him to the hospital. but so far, the family of the accused attacker is also speaking and now conflicting stories are beginning to emerge about what really happened. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm suzanne malveaux in cnn's command center for breaking news in politician and extraordinary reports around the world. you're in "the situation room." >>> first, we begin with breaking news. a decision reached in a case the u.s. has been watching very closely, trying to fervently influence. should a terminally ill man convicted in the bombing of pan am flight 103 be granted compassion nal release and be allowed to die at home? our cnn homeland security correspondent jeanne meserve is joining us live. what are we hearing abou
hillary clinton. feather in the cap for u.s. diplomacy as these two women come home. back to you. >> george, thanks so much. >>> and this morning russia is flexing its military muscle with a highly unusual exercise far closer to washington than to moscow. in a scene straight out of the cold war, the u.s. military sent for days a pair of nuclear submarines have been patrolling over the u.s. earn seaboard. officials say the attaks have not entered u.s. waters or provoked american ships, this activity signals a more aggressive military snce by moscow. experts say it's likely an effort to display its naval strength which has been dramatically diminished since the soviet union's collapse. >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news "early today" in america. >>> three shocks from a taser were no match for one tennessee suspect. the 300-pound man appeared unphased after an officer tasered him for resisting arrest. he got up and started walking oo away, so another cop shot a taser at him. that didn't phaseerth. despite the man pulling off probes, police eventually took down t
the, saying help us debunk the myth and tell us your story about why health care reform is necessary, saying that the greatest myth of all is that 2 wasn't needed. so i think they are trying to start to actively engage the american people, even more. i mean, obviously with a very busy summer for the president. but it will be interesting to see what they do once people start coming back from vacation, once the president's vacation is all wrapped up, if they really continue this health care focus other maybe shift and focus on the economy since the issue isn't necessarily a winning one for them right now. >> christina bellatony from the "washington times." thanks for the update. >> and now some are wondering where is the change that president obama promised while on the campaign trial, from iraq to afghanistan, guantanamo bay, and the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. certainly change was a key word, and he spoke about it when he accepted the democratic nomination for president. >> now is the time to finally keep the promise of affordable, accessible health care for
used to my artificial leg. the hill was covered with ice and snow. it wasn't easy to walk. the hill was very slick. as i struggled to walk, i slipped and i fell on the ice. i started to cry. i said, i can't do this. i said i'll never be able to climb up that hill. he lifted me up in his strong, gentle arms, and said something i will never forget. he said, "i know you can do it. there is nothing that you can't do." we're going to climb that hill together, even if it takes us all day. sure enough, he held me around my waist and we slowly made it to the top. >> the service was attended by many current and former members of congress, former presidents bill clinton, jimmy carter and george w. bush were there. president obama delivered the eulogy. he said that kennedy was a kind and tender hero who never gave up despite the enormous challenges and tragedies he faced. >> today we say good-bye to the youngest child of rose and joseph kennedy. the world will long remember their son edward. a champion for those who had none. the soul of the democratic party and the lion of the united states s
to tell us know about the tropical storm danny. >>> yes, danny. as it moves up along the eastern shore -- not the eastern shore but near the eastern seaboard, north carolina it could be a hurricane, and tailing off to the north and east, but it could bring heavy rain for the weekend. >> oh, jeez. >> umbrellas. >> yes, absolutely. >> before we get there, tonight, the rides at the state fair, maybe some light showers and thunderstorms around. >> oh, no. >> spotty, so we hope not not to see that. before you get on those rides, you're maybe taking a bus to school. 70 degrees, partly cloudy skies, that is the way it is heading out this morning. 76 degrees downtown looking at the temperatures in the mid-60s throughout the area. sky watch radar indicating showers through pennsylvania for now. later in the day there could be a couple of isolated chances for showers and even a thunderstorm. we don't expect anything that strong. as we put things into motion in the future scan model, a better chance for showers for thunderstorms comes tomorrow as we get the influence of the thunderstorms, the fro
could think of that is that crazy has already been actually used by these people. there are these crazy conspiracy theories about health care reform on the one hand. and on the other hand there are these organized efforts to shut down political debate about health care by using angry crowds to take over town hall meetings and chase congressmen through parking lots. these two observable facts about the antihealth care reform forces, it turns out, are really one big thing. do yourself a favor if you have a moment and you're online and go to the website recess it's a very nice website. very slick. got a big stop sign right there in the middle above the list of all the town hall rallies they expect you to go to and disrupt. the tag line up there you can see is we the people say no to socialized health care. we the people. that's how the republican party has been describing these town hall takeovers, too. putting out a statement today saying democrats should stop being so upset about them. quote, what democrats call mob rule, the average american calls democracy. these kinds of de
situation? nbc's mike viqueira joins us now from the white house with all the answers, as always. so, mike, we'll start with that. how much longer can he go back and be referring to president bush? >> you know, it's interesting with all the good -- i guess good economic news, we can go ahead and call it now that we had last friday with the gdp report as the president himself mentioned today in the rose garden, today's unexpected news that the unemployment rate dropped 0.1%, i think the white house is eager to get out there and point out these things are happening and they're not bashful about the fact that while the claim that the stimulus package, which has caused them so much political heartache now, the numbers of the polls going down in terms of the american's approval of the president's handling of the economy and the deficit, republicans getting traction and criticizing him about the stimulus program and a perceived lack of effectiveness, white house not shy about saying the stimulus is in fact in large of a lot of this. robert gibbs summed it up. i think the president has had a pret
a piece of equipment that is used to repair some track hit the employee. we're told that the metro worker s been air lifted to the hospital with serious injuries, orange line service between vienna and west falls church has been suspended. shuttle buses are being used to get riders to their stops. we'll update you on that story soon we learn more. >>> back to our top story. the hot waseather. how hot are we talking for tomorrow, first of all? >> it's going to be hotter than today, that's first and foremost. in fact, tomorrow could be a record-breaking temperature day. the record high for tomorrow at reagan national is 98 degrees. and we are going to be very close. but the fact is, the humidity is what will make it feel that much worse. so today we hit 96 degrees. that is a warm one. 97 down in richmond. right now we're down to 85. so it is really warm out there at 11:00 in the evening. dewpoints are in the upper 60s. so it's really humid. now, because of the combination, tomorrow the weather service, and i also think that it's going to feel like easily 100 degrees. possibly up to about 10
credit card theft in u.s. history. >>> columnist and tv commentator robert novak died this morning here in washington. >>> we begin tonight with news out of northeast d.c. where they found a body inside of a pizza shop this afternoon at a restaurant that had been set on fire. good evening. i'm jim vance. at y bth wodouasnd f at at body was found atza piz ma t prt mart at frtee sttr izms seet se bckenn oisnhe jackie bensen is on the s on th >> reporter: news that an employee had been found dead, murdered, inside the pizza mart here at fourth and adams street northeast has sent shock waves through the neighborhood just off rhode island avenue northeast. right now, police are looking into the possibility that the man was murdered last night. and not discovered until officers were sent to check on his welfare about 1:00 this afternoon. the thing that has investigators somewhat puzzled at this point is that police tell us the restaurant was locked uptight when the first officers arrived and they had to force entry inside and neighbors tell us they are very upset about this. >> very nice man
, weigh in, let us know how you feel about this, men versus women, apparently women have a different reaction to cold temperatures than men do. >> finally, scientific proof because we've been having-- >> we were trying to await this study. >> a battle royal at every-- as i do with my work husband every single weekend, the fight about temperature. >> we already had one. >> this morning, it was the worst. >> five minutes ago. >> cold, too hot. >> but first let me be clear, the president likes to say let be me cheer. in fact, it is his favorite phrase, one he's uttered over and over and over again in his first few months on the job, an interesting article on the, how frequently the president uses this phrase and exactly what it accomplishes, gee guys. >> from excuse me president bush's former speech writer, it's a phrase, a verbal twitch. an example of president obama using the let's be clear linements first of all, let me be clearments let me be clear. >> i just want to be clear. let me be clear. >> so let me be clear. >> i want to be clearments i want to make clear. >> i
't have any public events on his schedule. that worries us. what happens here at the white house, the press conference, something. the president is sitting down with the staff and very quietly going on with all of the options with health care reform. we didn't have the senate supporting the public option. they waned to bring in more republicans, the blue dog democrats, as well as assure people that the insurance companies -- the private insurance companies that believe they're going to go out of business, that public health care reform is'a bad idea. what else circulates. what's out there -- perhaps the idea of a co-op. you see the back and forth. one is de-emphasized, another pops up. this is about give us something, guys. what's going to stick here? hopefully the health care legislation believes he's going to sign to law is'going to look the way it looks today, yesterday. we're trying to get a balance, if you will, to see what is the formula to get the most support. >> interesting to see what else percolates out there. a little later at 7:10, speak with congressman weiner we sa
. it is reasonable to declare that the worst of the crisis is behind us and that the first signs of global growth have appeared. back to the phone for the independent. >> ben bernanke and the bankers were optimistic. wondering why anyone would believe. unemployment rising. they did nothing good in sight other than inflation. turn down your television or radio. >> ok. there you go. >> ok. i'm here. ok. what i would like to say is i feel like the economy is doing great. president obama is basically making things better for more people. the republicans to say it was basically stag nent for the top 1% of society. theyer saying we'll sacrifice many for the sak of the economy such as the big corporations. now, you are seeing -- if you look at the surveys and things people are talking about votes. i'm optimistic myself. i'm going to open up a business. it has been owned and ran by people who were running on credit. things are bottoming out and flipping over. this is a reason why a lot of moin or thes and different type of people they are dealing their own businesses and empowering themselves. jo der rem
the focus quietly turns to who should fill his seat. >>> pirates off the coast of somalia fire at a u.s. navy helicopter but they miss. how will the u.s. military respond? we're following that. we've got breaking news. >>> is governor mark sanford buckling under pressure? we expect to hear from him literally in moments. we'll put the spotlight on other governors who could be shown the door in the next six to 12 months. i'm carlos watson with a terrific show coming your way this hour. massachusetts attorney general potential replacement joins us, another person who figures prominently, former congressman meehan, columnist joe lawrence joins us. we're also joined by retired u.s. army jack jacob. we begin with breaking news, though. at least 18 people are dead after a bomb blast along the pakistan-afghanistan border. a suicide bomber approached a security opponent on foot and detonated explosives. also developing this hour in california, hundreds of firefighters are battling two wildfires in southern california today. millions of nearby residents are being warned about the toxic air levels
we help them to enhance what they had, to use it better, and to use additional functions around population management and care planning. we fanlight -- we found that our criticisms were helpful and they could do it. most of them came back to was very excited about it, but says they were paying for this themselves, to sustain this day needed change meant in the payment that a guy. we call this paid-for-proactive care, for all setting and interviewing for behavioral change and education. mber per month is . is really helpful to see some cost savings and the clinics really needed to be able to refer whoever they could -- that they saw the need for, into the program to make it work, to make that efficiency work. so that's really what i had to say. thank you again for having me. >> thank you. sue, take us to colorado. >> thank you. it's my pleasure to talk about the medicaid medical homes for children pilot that we initiated a couple of years ago. and i'd like to share some brief background to put it into context. when governor bill ritter came into office in 2007, healthcare was a t
owner. jackie benson joins us live with detail jackie? >> the victim has been identified by police as 44-year-old of silver spring. he is believed to be the owner of the pizza business. the murder discovered 1:00 p.m. when d.c. police officers were called to check on the welfare of an employee at pizza mart. 4th and adam street in edgewood neighborhood. police say the business was locked up when they arrived. the first responding officers had to force their way in. it appears the man may have been killed the previous evening. >> we received a call 1:00. we do know it was open on a midnight shift last night. the last information we have. >> homicide detectives blanketed the area looking for information. the business has been for sale for some time. edgewood community activist call the crime tragic and set back for a changing neighborhood. >> it is horrific to live like this. that's what people are going to say. >> we have had violence many years. and this struck us hard to the core. to have, assassinations like this, it's going on. pizza mart customers we spoke to say they're saddened by
joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: that is the big question, are there other victims out the? right now we know of two women who have come forward talking to police. police have filed those charges. the women basically saying they came to this clinic and they were inappropriately touched by a man who worked here. police are telling us that man is jorge sanchez. he was arrested on two countses of sexual batry. police believe it all went down inside the chantilly specialist office. the owners have been open with the media as they discuss the alleged crimes. they say in a 24-hour period three female paents complainted about -- complained about sanchez. when they first got the complaint sanchez was not allowed to have any contact with women in the office. the two victims are 27 and 28 years old. the crimes happened between july 20th and august 6th. >> it is very disturbing because i didn't know it was going on. i mean, i haven't experienced anything but niceness from this man. >> she was devastated. this is a devastating, in vasive blow and it's not only were you sexually assault
the president will lose 100 votes in the u.s. house. meanwhile, senator inspector is not about to write off -- senator spector, is not about to write it off. listen to this. >> because there are some people who are discouraged about it. the coop might have the same elements where there is an operation which is not for profit. but let's write the bill, let's consider it and let's try to do something positive. gretchen: the interesting thing here is they probably have the votes in the house to pass the health care reform bill with the government-run program intact. but they may not have the votes, the democrats in the senate because a lot of the blue dogs have said, hey, we are not going to pass this, we are not going to put our nation further into debt for the remainder of our children and grandchildren to try to figure out. so the interesting thing about health and human services secretary kathleen cebellius was, was that for conservatives who don't want the government-run program or for the liberals? i think it was for the liberals. you saw the reaction more from them. steve: absolutely. g
ted kennedy dies of brain cancer, and will advocates of healthcare reform try to use kennedy's death to boost their cause? a former c.i.a. inspector general talks about dick cheney's influence in his report on enhanced interrogations and south carolina's embattled governor answered a call from list second in command to step down. all that, plus the fox all-stars, right here, right now. welcome to washington. i'm he bret baier. senator edward kennedy is being remembered are today as an iconic larger than life figure who was the anchor of america's first family of politics. kennedy died tuesday night at his cape cod home a little more than a year after being diagnosed with brain cancer. it was the final chapter in a he very public and often troubled life. >> at the end of our journey and always before us shines that ideal of liberty and justice for all. >> not by his own choosing, edward kennedy became the surrogate patriarch of a political dynasty, his life a series of triumphs an losses, all positions prominently in the public eye. he was the youngest of nine children, and by the ear
hall road and miller road. as a result you will want to use 95 instead. it's getting busy but so far in significant issues to talk about. on the southbound lanes from mountain road heading toward 695, right now we're only looking at an 11 minute clip. 95 through the city at the fort mchenry tunnel. we are in excellent shape. if you're going to approach the downtown region from 695 it's going to take 15 minutes. we have the broken watermain that completely shuts down saratoga street between green street, and martin luther boulevard. that's a look at the morning commute. back to you. >>> baltimore raven tony fein says he is innocent. the rookie linebacker was arrested sunday for assaulting a police officer after someone thought they saw him pass a handgun at a restaurant at the inner harbor. now some say he was racially profiled. megan gilliland joins us with the latest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice, fein's attorney says that his client was targeted by police because he is black and because of the hoody was wearing now fein speaks out for himself. the large
twice. we'll explain it to you. we're glad to have you with us. happy hump day as we get halfway through the workweek. we're so grateful to have your company as always. we have learned today that a pioneer in the news business is dead. don hewitt, creator and longtime producer of cbs's "60 minutes" passed away today. his career at cbs spanned a staggering 60 years. he was probably best known for his 36 years as "60 minutes" executive producer. hewitt was 86 years old. certainly our thoughts going out to our colleagues at cbs and his family as well today. >>> a search is under way in katie, texas, for a police officer accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend who is also a cop. take a look at this picture here. investigators say rachel hillsman was dropping her children off at her mother's house yesterday when this man julio reyes abducted him. this is the victim in the case. take a good look. police helicopters are searching for them by air. s.w.a.t. teams and bloodhounds could join the search soon. the couple have a child together but they broke up months ago. friends say they had an argu
: next time when you come, please give it to us straight. . . [captioning made possible by fox news channel] shepard: you just heard robert gibbs say there are not mixed messages from the white house. stop it. we'll talk directly to the white house and ask the president's other spokesman, bill burton, if the president is given into republicans and abandoning his own base. also on top this hour, box number one, another death at the happiest place on earth. how a disney world performer became the third person to die there in the last couple of months. details ahead. in box number two, one of the internet's most popular social networking sites now facing a lawsuit. why some facebook's own members are saying the site violates their privacy. and box number three, the wife of the south carolina governor, mark sanford, speaking out for the first time, admitting he had an affair. why jenny sanford says her husband is addicted to his former mistress, the one he called his soulmate? and now jessica, her last day. time to have a baby. >> yes. shepard: and even in the middle of a health care fl
-mail me at, or text us at hlntv. start your message with the word prime. it's your chance to be heard. 234r7 -- captions by vitac -- >>> this is "prime news." we have new details coming in on the man accused in the swimsuit model jasmine muri's gruesome murder. cops found her stuffed in a suitcase dumped in a trash bin. jenkins ran off to canada. he killed himself in a motel room. cops want to know whether jenkins' family is somehow involved. they say a car spotted at that motel matched the description of his dad's silver pt cruiser. was it his father? what about this mystery woman who paid for the room where he took his life? could it even be both? there's a half-sister involved here. what did she know? we'll take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln. joining me to talk about this, jason, reporter for the calgary herald. also with us, anita kay, criminal defense attorney around former prosecutor. jason, let's start with you. we talked a lot about the last couple days about a mystery woman, a mystery blond woman checking jenkins in, paying cash for three days' u
the heat of the ongoing recession. president obama says the worst of it may, repeat, may, be behind us. >> we have a steep mountain to climb, and we started in a very deep valley. but i have faith in the american people, in their capacity for hard work, and innovation and their commitment to one another and their courage to face adversity. >> we're going to go inside the new unemployment numbers with cnn's chief business correspondent ali velshi and find out who's faring best, who's faring worst. but first our senior white house correspondent, ed henry. what else is the president saying about the new numbers? >> wolf, the president was certainly not popping any champagne corks in the rose garden today, but he was toasting his own administration's achievements. even though there are a lot of people still not celebrating. >> reporter: the upbeat jobs report is little comfort to greg thompson, who just feels fortunate the unemployment benefits he collects at the one-stop career center in washington, d.c., were recently extended. >> for me, i'm just glad we did, but there's no jobs. i mean
is scheduled for saturday at a boston church where senator kennedy used to pray for his daughter when she had cancer. he will be laid to rest at arlington. he will lie next to several kennedy's including his brothers. there's much more on his life and passing at we have an interactive timeline there. there are some pretty special images of the kennedy family. much more on the staff of senator kennedy, we will go live to the family compound and look back at some of the most memorable speeches. first, some of the day's other news including a warning about what the taliban as new leader in pakistan may be planning. that warning is next. n diabetics on medicare. hello, i'm john fox---you may know that i'm a professional bass fisherman. but you may not know that i have diabetes. and it's never slowed me down thanks to the good folks at liberty medical. i've been a liberty medical patient for years and have relied on them for all my diabetic needs. and, if you call now you'll receive a free meter. it's easy to use with fast results. even the shipping is free and medicare may cover the
was nothing. we were humiliated. they were laughing at us. unemployment was through the roof. you all don't remember those gas lines, but inflation was through the roof. we were in the midst of this horrible recession. but at the end of reagan's administration, by 1989, america's position in the world had been reestablished their our pride as the country had been restored. we were back, and the future was bright and hopeful. reagan recognized that that sense of faith in our country, that incredible love of country can be a fleeting thing. and so he said our spirit is back, but we haven't read institutionalize it. we've got to do a better job of getting across that america is freedom. freedom of speech. freedom of religion. freedom of enterprise. and freedom is special and rare. it needs protection. that is what we do at young america's foundation. we need to read institutionalize freedom through you all, because we know, as reagan said, that freedom is not something to be preserved at any one moment in time. we must struggle every day to preserve it. and freedom is never more than one gen
's 48 birthday. we will begin by talking about taxes, the deficit, and the u.s. economy. what are the headlines that we want to bring to your attention? this front-page of "the hill" newspaper. airports that the obama administration on monday quickly shot down a trial balloon that opened the possibility of new taxes on middle-class up for the nba came under heavy fire from labor unions, liberal leaders, and republicans. the press secretary robert gibbs scramble to backtrack on the idea. we will show you later on what he said to reporters at the what does. inside, the reporting of two reporters -- as the economic policy is working, and public appearances the president will attempt to regain the initiative on the economy. it says he has had several weeks of rocky support. we're joined this morning by the reporter from "the washington post." all this dovetails into what we will see later this week as he travels to indiana and tomorrow to detroit. what can we expect? guest: you can expect talk about the reason gdp numbers. never has a shrinking quarter been so welcomed by a white
economic stimulus plan to kill us growth. he will announce manufacturing plants, but officials say there are successes to highlight locally, signaling that the times are getting better. it says that it is great that he can return to committees he cares so much about and see signs of success. i hope that he will go way encouraged, and he should. there are encouraging indicators that the economy is turning around, but the battle is far from over. long term there is reason to be optimistic, but still thousands of unemployed in this county begun until all are back to work, he does not think anyone can say it is all behind. on the phone now is a reporter for elkhart, indiana. what do you expect a president to say today? guest: we learned today that the president and his vice president's appearance will announce $2.4 billion in grants as part of the federal stimulus funding for an electric vehicle battery manufacturing. these will go to 48 projects in 25 different states. indiana and michigan are two states hit hardest by the downturn and are receiving the most dollars for these grants.
on detainee tactics. one of the headlines this morning says that the cia used a gun and a power drill to threaten duties. we want to get your reaction this morning. -- to threaten detainee's. in the paper this morning, reporting on this story -- here is the headline. it says a bush officials filed the charges over tactics in this terror case. the reporters with their leaves say that a cia officer who allegedly used a gun to intimidate it captured al qaeda suspect was formally disciplined for violating the agency's rules for conducting interrogations', but the bush administration justice department officials ultimately declined to file charges against him, according to two former intelligence officers familiar with the case. this is in "the washington post" today. there are a lot of related stories in the papers today. in this particular case they write that the cia officer eventually resigned. this was confirmed yesterday. inspector general's report which is slated to be released in the classified form tomorrow. the first call on all of this -- todd on the independent line. caller: he
primaries in june she was under tremendous pressure to use that night to declare the race. over she resisted. -- to declare the race over. i have some sympathy. if you had run that kind of race, particularly in the final stretch, that she deserved on the night not to have to simply pack it in and say was a failed campaign. i think that she wanted to give her own supporters of one more moment to revel in accomplishment. there was then a debate the next day about what to do. most of her advisers believe it, ok, she had to pack it in very quickly. her chief strategist thought she would suspend the campaign, but end it. they used the phrase, make obama grovel for her support" -- mark was in the minority in that view. hillary quickly came around and decided it was. * host: finally, your favorite moment from the book? guest: i cannot one. -- i cannot pick one. for all the candidates there are moment e oflation and moments of deep depression. watching these candidates through the highs and lows, and following the end through-- one of the things about presidential politics in addition to telling us
member's burial. did the deputy go too far. debate coming your way. slogan comes to us from don weaver. 6:00 a.m. you could be sleeping miss "fox & friends" and all day you will be sleeping. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute steve: you missed that rooster, didn't you? brian: did i miss that roost err err. gretchen: brian is back. we're not sure where you were. brian: extensive journey down 27 to monday -- montauk. it's totally different climate. 60 miles away. a lot of big fox fans there. they would watch you guys every morning and go this is what you guys missed. steve: we missed you. glad to have you back a lot to talk about today. brian: i'm touching my knee and you are touching yours. what's on your mind? gretchen: why don't you continue to touch your knees and i will do the headlines. brian: that's a great idea. gretchen: this happened when you were away, brian. the divers are going to be back in the water today searching for the last two victims in a crash between a plane and sightseeing helicopter in new
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glad that you're with us on this tuesday. i'm christi paul. welcome to "hln news and views." so good to see you. breaking news we're learning about today regarding michael jackson. he'll be laid to rest on what would have been his 51st birthday in glendale north of los angeles on august 29th. that's next saturday. a family spokesman says the singer will be buried in the cemetery's great mausoleum which features replicas of the works of michelangelo. the ceremony will be limited to family and close friends though. remember, jackson died on june 26th. >>> his family though may file a wrongful death lawsuit against the late singer's concert promoter. a family attorney says jackson's family thinks aeg live played an active role during the last six months of his life and apparently paid for dr. conrad murray's services. remember, murray is at the center of a criminal investigation into jackson's death. >>> i want to let you know we are getting breaking news in. we're just learning here journalist robert novak has died. his family says he died of cancer. the longtime columnist was a cnn ho
. a legendary dealmaker in the u.s. senate, so now that he is gone, who will become that dealmaker? major garrett is live on martha's vineyard where the president and his family are on vacation. that is the question of washington is asking, right? >> it is true. the fact of the matter is there are still some dealmakers in united states senate and congress generally. there are just far fewer deals. i spent almost 20 years covering congress. it is just a much more polarized institution that was when ted kennedy arrived on 1962. the fact is the filibuster is used much more aggressively as a procedural tool to block any action of any kind from happening, and there are fewer legislators who want to cut deals. that is just the way the senate has begun to operate. many longtime staff and senators will tell you the senate as an institution in the last few years has become more and more like the house, quarrelsome and polarized, even though it was designed by the framers to be just the opposite, so that kind of personal interaction that leads the deal -- leads to deals just as much as common as it
correspondent chuck todd will join us. but right up front, susan page, washington bureau chief for "usa today." you write the big stories for the people. thank you for joining us on television. you should be on television. the "usa today" is right there on every hotel doorstep. >> you can buy it at newsstands. >> i know, too. you always sell here. let me ask you what do you make of the president's optimistic tone? let's watch the president today around 1:00 in the afternoon east coast time talking up the economy for the first time in a while. >> we're pointed in the right direction. we're losing jobs at less than half the rate we were when i took office. we've pulled the financial system back from the brink and a rising market is restoring value to those 401(k)s that are the foundation of a secure retirement. >> susan, i guess he's getting to the heart of what people are worried about. somebody once said to me a while ago what his opposition will be offering in the next election next year is we'll give it to you back. whatever you lost in the stock market the last couple years, whatever you l
? the u.s. postal service may lose $7 billion this fiscal year. wait until you hear what you might lose. >>> there's a lot of funny stuff going on. i overlooked a lot of things and, you know, you try and look -- see the best in people, not the worst. >> and a sure sign the honeymoon is over. your wife of six months allegedly takes out a contract on you. the tears may be fake, but the charges are real. >>> hello, everyone, i'm fredricka whitfield, filling in today for kyra phillips, live at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. and you're in the "cnn and you're in the "cnn newsroom." -- captions by vitac -- >>> 200 days, 2 key missions. president obama is closing out his second 100 days in office with headway against the recession. headwinds against the campaign to overhaul health care. this hour, we'll look at both, ahead of cnn's prime-time "national report card." >>> let's start, where else? with "ish show number 1." signs of hope are popping up across the economy. the latest just this morning. first-time jobless claims dropped last week more than expected. car sales ar
's biggest stars was treated by u.s. immigration officials we're learning new details right now of the incident that's grown to a real international controversy. i'm wolf blitzer in cnn's commander for breaking news, politics, and extraordinary reports from around the world. you're in "the situation room." >>> he's been focusing like a laser beam on health care reform, but for a brief time today, president obama put america's servicemen and women front and center speaking at the convention in phoenix and vowing more money and help for vets struggling to deal with life after combat. let's go to our senior white house correspondent, ed henry. what was the president's basic message to the vets? >> reporter: urging more patience in afghanistan, a war that has been going almost eight years, the president telling me that the fighting is fierce, that the u.s. will not defeat the tlaliban overnight. out here on the streets of the convention center, some of the groups that used to stalk president bush about the war in iraq are beating up on president obama, claiming he's escalated the wa
-flopped on facebook. >>> the fight over flight. the south carolina governor mark sanford use the state plane for personal business? it looks that way. and a controversy is putting his future up in the air yet again. >>> and why is jon minus kate? kate goslyn gives an exclusive interview about why the couple split. >>> and the hotown hall brawler are rowdy, but are they unamerican? you'll see if others think they're crossing the line. good afternoon, everybody. welcome back. i'm david shuster live in washington. >> i'm cameron hall live in new york. good afternoon, everyone. in the big picture, health care town hall. david, as we know, they've been disrupt add cross the country. some have even turned violent. now there is a report of someone bringing in a gun to a meet and greet, not a town hall, but still nonetheless a member of congress present. a visitor dropped a gun and picked it up at a meet and greet event held at an arizona grocery store last week. now her aides did call police after fearing for the lawmaker's safety. no one, thankfully, injured in that. nobody arrested. meanwhile, pr
u.s. troops, and wounded three others. earlier today, seven people were killed, including two u.n. workers, when a suicide bomber targeted a convoy of british troops and two mortar rounds stuck near the presidential palace as the taliban tries to disrupt thursday's elections. >>> disturbing new details in the murders of byrd and melanie billings, the florida couple who adopted special needs children. newly released documents reveal their 10-year-old son was sleeping with his parents when masked gunmen burst in. in the boy's words, two bad men said, you are going to die, one, two and three. and a 9-year-old who was asleep in another room said he heard seven booms and a scream. eight suspects have been arrested in connection with the case. >>> a california grand jury has indicted sunday school teacher melissa huckaby for the kidnapping, rape and murder of 8-year-old sandra cantu, who disappeared in march. she could face the death penalty. huckaby's also charged with drugging a 7-year-old girl, and a 37-year-old man. >>> a computer program is accused of masterminding the biggest i.
have a problem. i encourage you to use the mechanisms that the commerce department and small business administration have provided to get that information. use the people in the field. if they are eda representatives, make them do their jobs for the business community that is here today. i will be measured on several statistics when i get done. my job will be fundamentally finished in about 13 months. i have never had it term appointment before but i think this one is close to it. at that time, they will measurements of five things -- i have these things on my wall and their measurements that i signed up for. number one is get the money out quickly. as i mentioned earlier, right now, over all, in the aggregate, we have put out, in contracts and grants to states, about $200 billion by the end of this month it will be -- at the end of september it will be to a $30 billion. we have put about $60 billion out of tax benefits. we are approaching the $300 billion mark. we're doing okay. the second thing is get the money under contract properly. broccoli means two things to make -- that we ge
. -- and the health department is making it easier to get to the cooling centers. >> people can use the bus passed to get to a cooling center. we have six of them and we have cooling centers at all of our senior centers. >> the cooling centers are located in an all city community action centers tomorrow and tuesday from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. to find a location closer to you, call 311. you can go to our web sites for more information. two residents were killed in a plane crash this past weekend. it took off in taneytown. our reporter spoke with the families today and joins us live. >>letty williams leaves behind some sons and grandchildren and a legacy. it shows a spirit of the venture and a legacy of life. >> it is devastating. >> he says it is just darting to sink in that his mother is gone. she died -- it is just starting to sink in that his mother is gone. she died during the plane crashed in carroll county. >> she was an accomplished woman. she was a professional. she did a lot of good things. a lot of people love her. she loved a lot of people. she is going to be missed. >> the
blackstone in antioch. thanks. >>> joining us now from san francisco is maria christensen who had business dealings with phillip garrido. you run a recycling business. how is it you came to do some business phillip garrido? >> about ten years ago, he was highly recommended by another business person and he started coming around more and more asking for more business. at the beginning, he was kind of just odd. he would deliver at odd hours. i'd come in in the morning and the stuff would be on the door, so i wouldn't see him as much. >> but did your antenna ever rise up to the point where you thought this guy is anything more than just peculiar? >> no, i just thought that he was such a religious freak that he was just harmless. >> when was it that he started to talk to you more about religion and when did you begin to think maybe this guy is a little more than just strange? >> about a year ago, he like -- he would just keep coming and telling me about this stuff and gave me the cd, gave me the -- just flyers and, you know, asking can he come to my business and preach there. and i said no. >>
. craig melvin joins us from starbucks on capitol hill where the bernankes' story begins to unfold. >> reporter: earlier this week it was announced he would stay on as fed chief. around the same time some documents began to surface details how bernanke's wife stop at this starbucks became part of a complex and elaborate scheme. >> our assessment is for slower growth but positive growth into next year. >> reporter: last fall while fed chairman ben bernanke was trying to figure out how best to resuscitate an ailing economy he was dealing with money issues at home. around 11:20 in the morning on august 7, 2008 as his wife sat at a table inside this starbucks on capitol hill, someone swiped her purse off the paback of her chair. inside the purse her wallet, credit cards and money, and social security card examine checks. six days later $900 went missing from ben and anna bernanke's account. while it's not known how much the thieves stole from the fed chief and his wife, investigators believe it's merely a drop in the bucket. here's a look at the scope of the scheme. they say the 89 kno
off the propofol. he lowered the dosage and used two other sedatives two days before jackson died. on the night before jackson died he caved in to his demands and gave him propofol again. he also gave an account of what he says happened in the hours before jackson died. according to police documents he says he gave jackson four different drugs. this is a time line. about 1:30 in the morning he gave jackson ten milligrams of val valium. then he had two milligrams of ativan. then versed. about 5:00 a.m., more ativan. at 7:30 a.m., more versed. he monitored him in the entire time he was given the drugs. he made repeated requests and demands for propofol. he gave jackson 25 milligrams of propofol at about 10:40 in the morning. ten minutes after giving jackson propofol, dr. murray said he went to the restroom. when murray came back just two minutes later he says jackson wasn't breathing. however, murray's attorney dismissed that particular part of the time line. he says murray never told police he found jackson at 11:00 in the morning not breathing. what does the jackson family have to
in the area. use caution and there's probably a detour there as well. in howard county, reports of a crash in jessup, route 1 at route 175. use caution there. this is the jfx at north avenue. we have not a lot of traffic there but things are flowing freely at this time. as we check the mdot camera, 695 at the bw parkway, a little increased volume on the southbound side in the far side of the shot there but no problems at this time to let you know about. back to you. >>> 6:01. a tip to police on july 15th led us to this. two people from middle river arrested for child pornography. >> if you have a child you need to listen to this report. police want your help this morning. abc2 news cheryl conner is live at county police headquarters in towson with more. cheryl, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, the details of this case are tough to hear. baltimore county police say 34-year-old john nicklas and his fiancee, 26-year-old shannon honea, sexually abused and videotaped children as young as 2 and in many cases in their middle river home. they were both arrested july 30th. we learned
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